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Have a look below for the answers to some of the frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, or have something specific to ask about, you’re more than welcome to contact us directly to chat about your query.

  • What is run777?

    It is a running holiday where a group of marathon runners get to explore 7 countries in 7 days whilst running official marathon distances.

  • What are the 7 countries?

    These are determined by the tour every year, currently there are 3 different tours in rotation.

  • How do I know which tour is aligned to the year I want to run?

    This will be highlighted on the website

  • How much does it cost to take part?

    Tour price is £2,500 per person. Prices exclude flight to the start line of this first marathon and from the finish line of the last marathon.

  • What level do I need to be at to enter into run777?

    7 months prior to the tour start date, it is suggested to have a base of 30km/week

  • What type of training do I need to do?

    Training programmes and guidance on how to train can be provided by the organisers as well as affiliated virtual coaches

  • Are places limited?

    Tours are limited to 50 runners. Places are offered on a first come first serve basis.

  • Are all the marathons official marathons?

    Traditionally our first marathon of the tour is an official city marathon, the subsequent six marathons are not official but are full distance.

  • What is the atmosphere like?

    It’s a great experience, filled with challenges, laughs, bonding and epic scenery. It is a chance to meet and form close relationships with like minded runners (not only during the week but in the 7 months of preparation), exploring new places scenery and eating delicious food. If you love running and travelling, this is definitely one for you.

  • How do I get to the starting point?

    Flights to the starting point are booked by each runner. Typically everyone arrives in the first country a day before the official marathon.

  • How do I get to each country?

    run777 provides transport between countries. This is included in the admission fee.

  • Do I get to see the sights?

    Absolutely. run777 is all about taking in the sites

  • What gear should I wear?

    Depending on which tour, typical running gear for end of European winter / early spring is advisable. run777 provides group sponsored running tops for each run.

  • Does run777 raise money for a charity?

    Yes, we raise money for Bokamoso Children’s Trust – a South African charity helping underprivileged children receive an education.

  • Can we sponsor run777?

    We are always looking to partner with companies who love what we are doing, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event, please contact us on

  • Can I purchase run777 merchandise?

    Absolutely. We love brand advocates! Please email to enquire.

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