Central & E. Europe
10 – 17 OCTOBER 2020

Probably the most breathtaking scenery of all the tours, our runs take us through parts of Europe that many have not yet explored. From ancient and medieval cities to the crystal clear waters of Lake Bled and the Adriatic Sea. A beautiful tour that will leave you speechless.

Prague Official


Marathon: 1 of 7
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Total distance run: 42.2 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 3 hrs 29 min

Route summary: The Volkswagen Prague Marathon has become an essential race on the world running circuit. One of the most beautiful marathons in the world starts and finishes in historical Old Town Square, crosses the famous Charles Bridge and takes runners through all the different neighbourhoods of the wonderful city of Prague.

Interesting fact: You can go to a beer spa! Bathe in beer and drink unlimited amounts – obviously not from the same tub!


River run

Marathon: 2 of 7
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Total distance run: 84.4 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 2 hrs 41 min

Route summary: Marathon 2 is a mix of trail and tarmac taking you in a loop along the Danube River starting at Bratislava Castle and finishing off back in the town centre. This run takes you past some of the country’s most breathtaking castles and chateaux, through vineyards and the Little Carpathian mountains, crisscrossed with forested hiking and cycling trails.

Interesting fact: World’s highest number of castles and chateaux per capita.


volcanic hills

Marathon: 3 of 7
Location: Balaton, Hungary
Total distance run: 126.6 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 4 hrs 3 min

Route summary: Marathon number 3 starts and ends at different points. We run alongside Europe’s largest freshwater lake before making our way into the Balaton Uplands National Park. The most exciting formations of this park will be seen, the hills could tell tales from 4-5 million years ago, about an era when the entire area was flooded by the Pannonian Sea and then emerged thanks to the eruption of basalt volcanoes.

Interesting fact: The Rubik’s cube was invented by a Hungarian by the name of Erno Rubik.


coastal run

Marathon: 4 of 7
Location: Krk Island, Croatia
Total distance run: 168.8 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 2 hrs 25 min

Route summary: This marathons’ beauty is something to behold; running along the epic coastal scenery of Croatia’s Krk island. The island of Krk is rich with beautiful beaches, serene trail and a wealth of diverse natural and cultural beauty. Finish off this marathon with a cool dip in the ocean and some fresh seafood.

Interesting fact: Croatia is home to the ‘world’s smallest town’ called Hum. A population of between 17 – 23 people.



Marathon: 5 of 7
Location: Lake Bled, Slovenia
Total distance run: 211 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 3 hrs 11 min

Route summary: This Alpine lake, with the only island in Slovenia, has been a world-renowned paradise for centuries is where our fifth marathon ends. With views of the island and the Assumption of Mary Church (one of the most photographed attractions in the world), we begin our 12km loop around the lake followed by trails into the surrounding peaks and a stop at Bled Castle to take in the magnificent views.

Interesting fact: Lake Bled was nominated for one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

Ancient Venician

city run

Marathon: 6 of 7
Location: Venice, Italy
Total distance run: 253.3 km
Travel time to next marathon start: 2 hrs 38 min

Route summary: Whilst it would incredible to see all of Venice by foot, the city and its canals means that our route will take us through some of the most beautiful areas known for the historical, artistic and picturesque surroundings. From Stra, a small village located at about 25 km west of Venice through the center of Marghera and Mestre, across to Piazza San Marco, and finally running through the city sights. Be taken back in time with the ancient surroundings, eat pizza and drink beautiful wine.

Interesting fact: The city is built on wooden stilts rather than directly on the land of the islands, these stilts were actually brought over from Slovenia.



Marathon: 7 of 7
Location: Surrey, England
Total distance run: 295.4 km
Travel time to next marathon start: Zero

Route summary: The final marathon starts and ends in the UK’s beautiful county of Surrey. Starting at the top of Leith Hill, the second highest point in the South East of England, runners make their way 42km north towards 777 victory. You’ll climb 546 meters through the Surrey Hills, up to the top of Box Hill, through a number of English country towns before crossing the finish line along the banks of the Thames river.

Interesting fact: Runners pass Denbies, the largest Vineyard in England, on the way to the final finish line.


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