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Ollie and a few local running friends (unofficially named the Sounds Good Run Club) had all run at least one marathon, experienced the euphoria of crossing a finishing line for the first time, yet hungered and hankered for more.

Initially dismissed as ridiculous – as most grand ambitions are – it gradually gained acceptance. The path to goosebumps, elation and joyful tears became clear. We had to go further… 7 marathons in 7 countries in 7 days further. We formulated a plan, secured a coach, and started their 7 months of training… and run777 was born.

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event director

Ollie Bath, Founder and Event Director of run777, has participated in many sporting events around the world, including ultra marathons and Iron Man. His love of travel and of running has led him to conceptualise and create an experience for other like minded runners, combining adventure and seeing people achieve things they never thought possible were his inspiration.

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run777 are proud to be running for more than just ourselves and our team mates. As with the previous years, the run777 crew will all be running for Bokomosa Children’s Trust, a charity that is deeply involved in improving kids’ lives. To date, with the support of the participant’s friends, family and work colleagues over £22,000 has been raised for this good cause.

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Staring in September, each runner will kick off their training with 30km weeks, building at 10% a week to meet the 100km weekly target, this according to coach Greyling (winner of the CT Ultra 100km & the Otter trail), will have us ready to take on the challenge.

Over the course of the 7 months each runner will clock over 1,500 km of running – to put it in perspective, that’s the distance from central London to central Budapest. Although the bulk of the training mileage completed by each runner is done solo, (full-time jobs and families), the runners still managed to remotely support and motivate each other using social media platforms; Strava, Facebook, WhatsApp.

run777.run is a registered UK company.


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October 2020 - Eastern & Central EuropeMay 2021 - Epic Alps

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